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  • 7/8+: Reading and writing skills
  • 11 / 13+: English, History, Spanish
  • GCSE level: Spanish
  • A Level: Spanish


September – Present: General Diploma in Law, University of Law
Grade: Distinction (predicted)

September 2016 – January 2017 : The Autonomous University of Madrid

Sep 2014 – June 2018: MA Spanish and History, University of Edinburgh
Grade: 2:1 with distinction in Spanish oral

Sep 2008 – Jun 2013: Eton College, Windsor 
History (A*), Spanish (A*), English (A)

AS-level: History (A), English (A), Art & Design (A)

GCSEs: History (A*), English (A*), Spanish (A*), Spanish Oral (A*), French (A*), French Oral (A*), Geography (A*), Biology (A*), Art & Design (A*), Physics (A), Latin (A), Mathematics (A)

Teaching Experience

Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh in June 2018 I began a law conversion course in September of the same year. As a student I have a relatively flexible schedule which should allow me to fit in to your timetable as and when I am needed.

I am a well-rounded individual with a wide range of interests. I love all sports and completed the Paris marathon this year in 3 hours 28 minutes. I also enjoy foreign travel to interesting areas of the world. Last summer I trekked through Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. As such, I would like to think I am a gregarious person that finds it easy to get on with people of all ages.


I believe that any subject can be made enjoyable and interesting if the right approach is taken for a particular child’s needs. I have always thought that large classroom sizes can often reduce a child’s interest in the subject because concentration is easily lost. Being fearful of getting things wrong ultimately leads to disengagement with the subject so I hope to create an environment where mistakes are allowed to be made but we build on the knowledge gained from these mistakes. Practice always makes perfect which is why having a personal tutor is helpful because the child is able to make errors in an environment they feel safe in.

From a technical standpoint I understand the way in which examiners mark. Grades can often be improved when the student is taught techniques to keep them on the right side of the marker.

I have spent time living, working and travelling all over the world but have focussed these travels in Latin America in order to fully immerse myself in the language. As such, I am able to provide cultural context to the language that I teach and demonstrate to the child that learning these things is not ‘pointless’ but that there can be a tangible real-life benefit. Through teaching I want to inspire a sense of inquisitiveness. If you enjoy and understand a subject the grades will follow.