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  •  Economic
    GCSE, Foundation, Undergraduate, Beginner, AS-Level, A-Level


Imperial College London
Economics and Business (1st)

Bournemouth University
Economics (1st)

Teaching Experience

My earliest ambition to teach came from working with another student in College one year behind myself, bringing resources and founding techniques to build up their confidence and strength in the subject. Once they were lifted from a D Student to 1A and A*, I knew I wanted to continue teaching.

In the past year I have taught a number of students in British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada) both in person and online, all at University Bachelor’s Degree Level whom were looking to improve their grades and potential in a handful of months before final module exams. I also remotely tutored for students in Ontario earlier in 2023.

Not only did we cover lecture content in a more manageable and enjoyable way, I assisted in Exam and Research Assignment Techniques towards a consistent % increase in grades from 10-30%.

I communicate and guide as an Educator, whilst finding points for improvement before key academic deadlines.


I’m a Private Economics tutor based in Central London.

My teaching style is adaptable to the needs of the student, however I believe in the following structure for success in Academic Economics specifically:

Concept – Fundamentals & Principles.
Application – Applying the former to Questions/Examples relevant to the course content or examination.
Context – Applying the former to real world context such as recent political/social/economic events.
Consolidation – Solidifying knowledge through repetition, testing, scenario walkthroughs, etc.

It is important that an Educator provides a different academic experience than a teacher can on some level. I aim through 1-1 teaching to build personal trust and provide my undivided attention and patience to the specific needs of each individual.

On a personal hobbies level, in my free time I enjoy hiking, painting, board games, and collecting and caring for Bonsai Trees and other plants at home.