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  • 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+: Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • 13+ and below: Maths, Science
  • GCSE: Maths, Physics
  • AS/A-Level: Maths, Further Maths, Physics


King’s College London
PhD: Theoretical Physics

Oxford University
Msci: Mathematical and Theoretical Physics with Dinstinction
Bachelors: Physics (First Class)

Teaching Experience

My first experience in a teaching capacity was an internship at Salesian School, an Ofsted-rated Outstanding state school in Surrey. I taught physics to Years 7, 10 and 12, both through full lessons and more tailored assistance for smaller groups. I have been tutoring since graduating, mostly focussing on mathematics at A Level, but ranging all the way from KS2 to third year undergraduate physics. This has also been through a variety of formats, from regular weekly sessions to concentrated periods of teaching, including residentials.


I have a great passion for learning, and mathematics in particular, which has shaped my life. Beyond my area of formal education, I try to cultivate interests in classics, history and philosophy. Above all, I hope to achieve two things with my students: firstly, to instil in them that same enjoyment of learning that is the source of endless motivation and confidence, and can turn uphill struggles into rewarding challenges; and secondly, to provide the large-scale picture, without which it can be hard to see the wood through the trees.