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• Oxbridge Interview preparation and admissions guidance
• 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+: English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning
• 13+ and below: English, Maths, Science
• GCSE: English, History, Geography, Latin, German, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Classical Civilisation
• AS/ A-Level: English Literature, History, Latin, Art, History, Classical Civilisation, Sociology, Psychology


Sep 2015 – Jun 2019
BA (Four years) in Classics and Classical Linguistics,
Cambridge University
Grade: 2.1

Sep 2014 – Jun 2012
Esher Sixth Form, Thames Ditton
A level: English Literature (A*) Latin (A) History (A*) Classical Civilisation (A*) Psychology (A*)

Sep 2011 – 2007
Orleans Park School Twickenham
GCSEs: German (A*), English Literature (A*), Science Double Award (1) (A*) English Language (A), Science Double Award (2) (A), History (A), Mathematics (A), Geography (A).

Teaching Experience

As a recent graduate from Cambridge University, I enjoy teaching Latin and Ancient History, English and History to students in a variety of schools, one-teacher tutoring or lunchtime clubs, and generally have interest in making sure antique subjects can be enjoyed in modern ways.

Throughout my degree I have been working as a part time A level and GCSE tutor. I provide academic one to one support to students of all ages, in a number of different subjects, as well as outside the curriculum, within Oxbridge interview preparation and writing personal statements.

I have experience assessing and analysing GCSE exam papers for Classics and Modern Languages, focusing on helping these students to be a certain base level by the end of the lesson. I also have experience monitoring student progress and clarifying exam technique by making structured GCSE exam A* guides, tailored to each specific student needs.

I teach in both small tutoring groups, and larger group session, ranging from 2 – 15 children. I have experience marking exams, creating learning materials, keeping forensic track of the progress of the students, and marking coursework. I have a particular skill in breaking down and mastering exam technique for GCSE and A Level.


I am an outgoing and enthusiastic Cambridge Classics graduate. I specialise in Ancient and Modern History, English Language and Literature. I also tutor Psychology and Sociology A Level. I am keen to help others achieve their potential, and believe that anything is possible with hard work and commitment.

I enjoy allowing esoteric subject to be made interesting, by making them relevant and relatable to young people. I am eager to work with the fresh engagement and insight from those who may not have studied the subjects of Classics and Latin before. The relevance of Classics to so many elements of the modern world (and teenage life) and the value of engaging with a culture both distant and relatable, is something I really want to communicate to young people considering studying the subject at Oxbridge, and to prep them adequately to be able to show their intellect in order to be able do so.