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  • English Literature
    GCSE, A-Level
  • Philosophy
    A-Level, Undergraduate
  • English
    KS2, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+, 13+


University of Edinburgh
MA English Literature and Philosophy (2.1)

University College School
A-Level: Philosophy (A), English Literature (D3), Theatre Studies (B)

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching since 2020, primarily in English Literature and Language for GCSE and A Level students through leading London agencies. Throughout this time, I have accrued +100 hours in this field – with experience in the AQA and Edexcel Exam Boards. I have become particularly accustomed to the format of teaching as most of my lessons have taken place online (as I started during the pandemic). I am proud to say that every student I have taken on has been accepted into their first choice university. 

I have taught students from A Level through to their Undergraduate degree in Philosophy. This work has transitioned from teaching the content to helping with their essay writing technique. The student I am currently working with is on track to receive a 1st class honours. 

Combined with this, I also volunteered at a local primary school in Kentish Town for two terms every Friday helping younger children (7-10 years) improve their English and literacy skills. These primarily consisted of break out sessions in which I would help students with their spelling, verbal comprehension, and creative writing. 

Lastly, my two years of experience spent as Chief Editor at a literary publishing house has given me adequate skills and scope to enhance students’ creative writing. This work has primarily involved sessions that provide constructive feedback and help writers improve their craft as they go through the editorial process. I am also regularly asked to give feedback on plays and screenplays by friends and the odd client who reaches out to me via email. 


Hello, I’m Peter! I am a playwright, poet, and theatre director from northwest London with 100+ hours of experience teaching English Literature, English Language, and Philosophy. My main focus is on motivating my students. I have a strong belief that the difference between an average and a top grade is confidence. The way in which this is managed varies from student to student; however, from experience, it is through cultivating a space in which the student feels listened to and unafraid to make mistakes. 

Outside of teaching, I maintain a weekly blog that is chronicling the progress of writing my next play – as well as documenting my own retrospective thoughts on previous productions that I have realised under my theatre company Fundamentals TC. For two years, I was the Chief Editor of Library Cats Publishing House that platformed and championed new young writers and readers from across the globe. 

In my free time, I play football, write songs on either guitar or piano (usually with friends), and am partial to the odd pub quiz.