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13 + and below: French; French Bac (A level equivalent): 17.5/20 (A* equivalent).
• 11 and below: Maths; French Bac (A level equivalent): 18/20 (A* equivalent).
• Preparation to CFA level I and II.


Delff management; Research Analyst; Corporate Debt.
Passed CFA level I and II (Chartered Financial Analyst exam).

Kedge Business School, ECS; Master of Science.
Specialized program: Audit and Finance: corporate finance (cash flows and intangible assets valuation), audit methodology, global business understanding.

Preparatory classes for French business schools.

Teaching Experience

I have extensive experience of teaching classes of 9 to 18 years old children to help them improve their mathematic skill when I was at university. Moreover I reinforced my skill by following specific mathematics, economics and finance lessons at university.

When I arrived in London as an intern and my schedule was more flexible, I gave some French lesson to people my age in my residence three times a week.

At work, I am in charge of teaching a new trainee every 6 months. The difference of age between students, as well as their different background and level allow me to develop custom made approach that fit each student specifically.


I am French, and I have been living in London for 2 years. I am deeply focus and I like sharing my knowledge with other people. I work during the day and I am only available during the evening and the week end. After my first meeting with the student, I always follow a well-defined methodology so that I am able to track closely the progress of my student.