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4+ preparation
• 7+, 8+, 10+ and 11+: English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning
• 13+ and below: English and History
• GCSE: English, History, Religious Studies
AS/ A-Level: English, History, Religious Studies, Politics


Oct 207 – Sep 2018
MA (Religion in Global Politics) SOAS University

Grade: Pending

Sep 2015 – Jun 2017
BA (Theology) University of Bristol

Grade: First-class honours

Sep 2008 – Jul 2013
Radley College, Oxford

A Level: A – Religious Studies (100% at AS Level), A –
English, A – History, A – Politics
GCSEs: A*– English, A* – Mathematics, A* -Biology, A* –
Chemistry, A* – Physics, A* – History, A* –
Religious Studies, A – French, A* – Drama, A –

Teaching Experience

I make it my mission to help students develop a love and a sincere interest in what they are studying. Once a student enjoys and appreciates the knowledge they are acquiring it makes it much easier for them to reach the best of their ability. I aim to do this via a charismatic teaching style, in which I attempt to pass on the love I have for these subjects on to them. I also make sure I am comprehensively informed on the marking criteria for each exam the student is sitting. I constantly demonstrate, throughout my lessons, exactly how students should structure the content they are learning in order to receive top marks. By the time it gets to exam period, I ensure it has become second nature for my students to write their answers to questions in the exact format that is required. I want students to approach their studies with real confidence. When a student believes they have the skills and the understanding to tackle the work in front of them they perform to a much higher standard. Thus, I aim to locate their weak spots, drastically improve them and, subsequently, eradicate any self-doubt they previously had.


I have been a professional tutor alongside both my undergraduate and postgraduate degree. I was also a lead mentor for the charity Debate Mate, which involved teaching struggling students, from underprivileged backgrounds, the art of debating. I have now finished my degree and am in the process of starting an online business, which has an environmental purpose. The nature of working for myself means that I have a very flexible schedule and can devote time to my students.