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  • 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+: English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning
  • 13+ and below: English, Maths, Science, French
  • GCSE level: English, Maths, French, History
  • A level: English Language and Literature, History of Art.
  • University level: History of Art



2017 – 2019     University College London, Institute of Education, PGCE

2013 – 2017       Edinburgh University, History of Art, First Class Honours

2015 – 2016      McGill University, Montreal – International Exchange Student

2007 – 2012    Uppingham School

A Level: A*, A, A, A* – History of Art, English, French, Fine Art

GCSE: 7 A* – English Lit & Lang, Maths, Chemistry, History, French, Art

3 A – Biology, Physics, Spanish

Teaching Experience

I am a qualified English teacher with 2 years of experience teaching students from 13 to 18. I also have particular experience teaching children with SEND. I have recently completed the two-year Teach First Leadership Development Programme and I am now a professional tutor specialising in English Language and Literature, History of Art and the 11+ and Pre-Test. I have a strong understanding of the AQA GCSE English curriculum but I have also had experience teaching others. Having experienced a wonderful education, my primary aim is to foster a love of learning and build confidence within my students. In terms of exam preparation, I give practical advice on exam techniques which allow my students to tackle exams logically and with relative ease so they can have the greatest opportunity to flourish.


Learning should be a happy and rewarding process. I strongly disagree with the traditional labeling that some students are ‘unsuccessful’ or ‘disruptive’. Too often, I see students who are frustrated, disheartened and therefore disengaged with their subjects because they haven’t been catered for in terms of needs and interests. Instead, I think learning should be centered about who that child is; finding out how a child learns best and catering to their passions and ambitions.


Having just finished the Teach First Leadership Development Programme working as an English Teacher in London, I have gained a good understanding of the increasing demands students face and the solutions that work in practice. I have also worked extensively with children with SEND to varying degrees. Private tutoring allows the tutor to build a relationship with the student much more quickly than in a classroom and therefore allows a unique level of flexibility and specificity when lesson planning. Teaching a child how to be organized by keeping a diary or filing work can often have a great impact on students.