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Brad S


  • 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+: English, Maths, Non-verbal reasoning, Verbal reasoning
  • 13+ and below: English, Maths, Science
  • GCSE: English, Maths, Science
  • AS/A-level: English Maths, Chemistry


Queen Ethelburga’s College

A-Level: Maths (A), Chemistry (A)
AS-Level: English (A*)

Imperial College London

BSci Chemistry

Teaching Experience

Since starting at Imperial, I have had over 450 hours of experience teaching a variety of subjects. This has provided resources to develop my skills and ensure I can tailor lessons to fit the student’s learning ability and projected outcomes. Before university, I mentored my peers and younger children at school, providing guidance for their classwork and helping them develop their skills. During my undergraduate studies, I have had the privilege to work with students across a wide range of ages. I have extensive experience with secondary school admissions as well as maths and sciences up to A Level. 

As an Educator, my main priority, aside from outcomes, is getting a student to truly enjoy a subject. I love relating the subject material to real-life applications to show that what we are doing exists outside of a textbook and has functionality in everyday life. I have had experience in preparing lessons for children of all abilities and handicaps and tailoring the lesson with resources that would benefit their learning style. I believe that using past paper questions and application is the best way to approach teaching a subject, and will work through questions with the child until they are confident in tackling the question themself.


I am in my fourth year at Imperial College London reading chemistry. I firmly believe that every day is an opportunity to learn more about the world we live in and I love chemistry as I can link it to my other interests such as healthcare. 

Outside of academia, I spend my free time exploring all London has to offer and going to the gym. During the holidays, I try to get away and explore different countries and cultures with my friends. So far this year, we’ve done nine countries!

I’m very passionate about education as I had teachers who inspired me with their enthusiasm. I love seeing my students grow in confidence and enjoy learning their chosen subjects.