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  • 11+ : Maths, Non-Verbal reasoning, Verbal-Reasoning
  • 13+ : Maths , Science
  • GCSE: Maths, Physics
  • AS/A-Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics
  • Undergraduate: Physics


Post-Doc: Imperial College, Mathematics Department (1994-1996)

Ph.D. (Mathematical Physics) : Imperial College, Mathematics Department, (1989 – 1994)

MA : Oxford University, St. Edmund Hall (1992)

BA : (Physics): Oxford University, St. Edmund Hall (1986 – 1989)

A-Levels : Maths, Further Maths, Physics

Special Level (S-Levels) : Maths, Further Maths

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for nearly twenty years. Three years as teacher assistant at Imperial College while I was doing my Ph.D., fifteen years as a university lecturer and now two years as a private tutor. I have been teaching across a range of qualification types and levels and to large and small groups of learners from a range of backgrounds, abilities and ages. In all these years my teaching methodology has been the same: teach by tangible and accessible examples and let students ask their questions no matter how naïve or silly the questions may be. From very complex topics in mathematics, Stochastic Calculus, to 11+ entrance exam Mathematics, the above methodology has proven successful.

According to the statistics, in numeracy, U.K ranks second to last amongst OECD countries. This is no surprise, less that 20% of Physics teachers and around 35% of Mathematics teachers are qualified. The result is of course a general disinterest in Maths and Physics and poor performance. I strongly believe that a teacher must be: creative, enthusiastic, patient and confident. It is only a teacher with these qualities who can make a difference and pass on his knowledge to their students. By giving tangible and creative examples to my students I let them see that Physics and Maths are not some abstract concepts and by allowing them to ask their questions I help them build up their confidence.

Finally I have attended a five days teaching and safeguarding training organised by Harris Federation Schools which was very much educational, especially in dealing with younger students.


I am a professional university lecturer in mathematical physics and have spent a great deal of my life in teaching and translating Mathematics and Physics text books from English to Persian. After finishing my Ph.D. I continued my research work at Imperial College as a Post-Doc for one and half years. Then I was headhunted by a software company as a mathematician to help them develop pricing strategies for their financial instruments. Although the job was very well paid, but because of my passion for teaching I resigned and took up a lectureship job in the Middle East which lasted some fifteen years. Due to my job, I have lived in several countries including China. Currently I am a happy tutor in London.