August 18, 2020

Singing is good for the body, mind and soul


Throughout my years of teaching, I have seen first-hand how singing can completely transform levels of confidence. It is the best medicine for boosting self- esteem. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to be a professional singer to gain these benefits. Singers of all ages and abilities can learn these skills and boost these areas in their life.

All you need to start this process is yourself. There is no need to invest in any fancy equipment. We are already equipped to sing because of how we have been created. The first sound we make when we enter this world is created by using our voice. We already have the physical capability needed to allow us to use our voices for singing. We just need help to access it. Think back to when you were five years old on the playground at school singing nursery rhymes. Did you think or worry about the sound you were making? No! You just sang the songs you knew, and it made you feel marvellous.

Some ways that singing can help to boost our self-esteem are:

  • It helps to relieve stress and muscle tension.
  • It helps with focus and concentration.
  • It puts a pause on our negative thoughts.
  • It helps with breathing and relaxation.
  • Sometimes doing something outside our comfort zone can be empowering.
  • It can help us to express our emotions.
  • It gives us the freedom to release inhibitions.

Singing can also help us to feel a sense of accomplishment. When we learn lyrics and perform a song for the first time, we feel like we have truly achieved something. On top of this, singing helps to enhance imagination levels, whether we are analysing a text or thinking about characterisation. As singers, we learn to dream up scenarios or access different emotions for our characters.

Singing has also been proven to improve brain power which can improve our self-esteem in other areas of our life. Research shows that the brain of non-musicians works differently to musicians. Those students who have listened to music all their life tend to perform better academically. In order to sing, we have to use mathematics, reading, listening and language skills. Many children who start singing end up building confidence in other areas of their academic life as well as developing social skills.

So maybe you are wanting your child to be more confident in social situations or perhaps you are wanting to build your own confidence in the work place? Singing will bring you and your children one step closer to reaching your overall goal of becoming self-confident and successful.