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Through its academic achievements, Westminster has positioned itself one of the best schools for boys in the country at GCSE level and it is ranked equally high for its co-educational sixth form. Boys recently achieved 97.1% A*/A with an incredible 85.2% at A* for their GCSE’s. Not to be outdone, the sixth formers achieved a record-breaking year in 2018 and achieved an amazing 88.1% of A-level/Pre-U grades at A*/A.

The school offers both day and boarding, combining the benefits of both types of education. The competition, as expected, is incredibly strong and the school is highly selective.

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Westminster is in the heart of the city and as such, space is at a premium and buildings have to be very compact. As a counter to this, students have Westminster Abbey and the houses of Parliament as neighbours. The school fosters a genuinely intellectual environment rather than just being purely results-orientated. Westminster students show a great aptitude for independent learning and exploring, bolstered by the top-class education given to them by their teachers.

Outside of the classroom, things have taken a turn for the better in recent times. Students are now lucky enough to have a new gym for their sporting needs, replacing the old one underneath the Abbey, which students were not too keen on. The school makes up for the lack of space by offering students lots of different sports. However, there are not as many team sports as other schools.


Admissions into the Under School are at ages seven, eight or eleven, with entry into the Great School at age thirteen. There is also entry for boys and girls into sixth form at age 16.

Admissions at 11+ require your child to sit an online ISEB Common Pre-test, which takes place at the Under School or at your child’s existing school. These tests are also used by other senior schools. Successful candidates from the online pre-test are invited to sit a written English and maths paper, as well as attending an interview with a member of staff from Westminster.

Admissions at 13+ into the Great School start with registration when your child is in Year 5. Your child then sits the ISEB common pre-tests in English, maths and reasoning, which happens at your child’s current school. There are further tests in January for English and maths, which takes place at Westminster. Successful candidates from the tests are then invited back for an interview.

Entry at 16+ requires candidates to sit exams in the four subjects they will be studying at A-Level/Pre-U. Successful candidates from these are then invited back for an interview at the school towards the end of November.

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