Sussex House School

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Sussex House School is an independent preparatory school for boys aged eight to thirteen, located in Chelsea, London. The school was chosen as Tatler’s Best Prep School in 2013/14.

School information

The school has one hundred and eighty boys with twenty full-time staff, supplemented by a number of visiting coaches and music staff. Through the teaching and the support, the school has maintained an excellent success rate at Common Entrance over the past fifteen years. Eighty percent of boys go on to top senior schools such as Eton, King’s College Wimbledon, St. Paul’s, Westminster and Winchester.

Boys get plenty of exercise and participate in many activities outside of the classroom. There are a number of clubs running throughout the week such as chess, ICT, and carpentry to name but a few.


There are thirty-six places for Sussex House School at 8+. It is possible to enter at a later stage but this is dependent on place availability.

For 8+ entry, registration must be made before the end of October, while your child is still in Year Three. Students are required to sit an entrance exam in January and must also attend an interview with a member of staff. The exams consist of papers in English, maths and verbal reasoning. A report is also required from your child’s current school.

Due to the school’s track record with the Common Entrance exams, competition is fierce. While the 8+ exam generally follows what is in the National Curriculum, it is expected that your child works ahead of the average in all areas. Early and consistent preparation is key to achieve the level required. Practice with past papers also ensures that your child develops good exam technique and time management skills. More importantly, exposure to these types of papers improves your child’s confidence and keeps them relaxed on assessment day.

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