Pembridge Hall

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Pembridge Hall is an independent preparatory school for girls aged between four and eleven. It is located in Notting Hill, London. The school is part of the Alpha Plus Group, a company dedicated to providing the best possible education for their members.

School information

Pembridge Hall has achieved fantastic results when it comes to the preparation and transition into senior schools, with a significant number going on to top senior schools such as St Paul’s, Godolphin and Latymer, Downe House, St Mary’s Ascot and Wycombe Abbey.


Admissions into Pembridge Hall at reception is nonselective. Parents are advised to register their child at the earliest possible stage. The school will choose from the applicants so that they have an even distribution of birthdays throughout the year.

For 7+ entry, girls will be invited to an assessment day, which will be taken while your child is in Year Two. The exam consists of papers in English and maths. There is entry in other years but this is subject to places being available.

Assessments at 7+ will generally follow the national curriculum, but it’s expected that girls will be working at a level beyond the national average. There are a few 7+ papers and reading lists available and practice with these should start early. Little and often is the key here to avoid any unnecessary stress in the build-up to the assessment day. The more practice that your child has had before, the more confident they will be sitting the real exam papers.

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