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Harrow school is a full boarding school and was founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I. Among its illustrious list of alumni includes Prime Ministers, MP’s, kings and Nobel Prize winners.

Life as a Harrovian can be hectic and there is always something for students to be doing even when they’re not in the classroom or studying. There is a wide range of events, projects and sports matches. Harrovians learn quickly how to plan and make use of their time independently.

School information

The school has done incredibly well with exam results of late, even with the shift from lettered grades to the new numbered system. Taking the numerical equivalent (9/8/7) into account, the number of A*/A grades stood at a strong 84% this year. A*/A grades at A-Level are at 65% and a good number of boys go onto Oxbridge and Ivy League universities.

The school also ensures that the boys are enriched and bolstered by involvement in arts and culture. There are house drama productions, choirs, with timetabled lessons in music and art. There are also exhibitions and concerts for any budding musicians to showcase their talents. Harrovians have played with the National Youth Orchestra and gained places at the National Youth Theatre.

Harrow takes their sports very seriously and the school is credited with the invention of squash. Boys who enjoy cricket may also like to know that there is a game against Eton College every year and is played on the world-famous Lord’s Cricket ground. It is considered to be the longest running cricket fixture in the world!


The school grounds offer ample space for boys to pursue their chosen sport without limitations. Facilities include sports fields, astroturf pitches, a golf course, a swimming pool and tennis courts to name but a few. Boys are encouraged to participate and many take the opportunity to play several sports. The school benefits from having great coaches and strong links to professional bodies such as the Saracens Foundation and Queens Park Rangers Football Club.

There are roughly 160 places for boys to join at 13+, which boys can start registering for at the end of Year 5. References from current schools are required and all candidates have to sit the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, which is a computerised test in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. This is held at your child’s school or at an alternative test centre if the school cannot facilitate the test. The test can be sat throughout the year but it is advantageous to do it earlier on in the school year so that, if successful, your son will be invited to meet a housemaster. All boys who pass the pre-test are invited to sit the Harrow test, which involves a thirty-minute English assessment, a thirty-minute maths assessment, a written essay (20-25 minutes). Candidates are then interviewed by a housemaster and a Senior Master.

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