Garden House School

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Garden House School is an independent co-educational school for girls and boys aged between three and eleven. It is located in Chelsea, London.

Garden House does prepare students for the 8+ so leaver destinations do include other junior schools such as Westminster Abbey and Latymer Prep.

School information

Rather than being a ‘hothouse’, the school has a very friendly and nurturing atmosphere. Students are a happy bunch and enjoy the wide range of activities that make up the school’s curriculum, which includes a decent amount of sports and school clubs to supplement the lessons in the classroom.


Garden house have entry at 3+, 4+ and 8+, with the majority joining in reception at 4+.

The 4+ assessment is based primarily on skills that your child will already be learning and practicing at school. Numeracy skills are basic, but your child is expected to know how to read and write numbers up to twenty, as well as recognising shapes and patterns. For the literacy side, reading at home and some practice with writing would be beneficial.

The 8+ papers are a bit more formal and require your child to work beyond the national average in all areas. There are past papers available, which will give you an idea of what to expect. They tend to vary in difficulty but if you start early and keep the practice consistent, then your child will be confident and relaxed whatever the school throws at them on exam day.