Eton College

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Eton College is an independent boarding school founded in 1440 by King Henry VI for seventy boys from disadvantaged backgrounds. To this day, the school continues to offer seventy full scholarships. The school’s list of famous alumni is as long as its history and includes prime ministers, actors, princes and spies to name but a few.

School information

Eton’s success isn’t just in its past and prestige. The school regularly achieves objectively amazing results in exams. 95% of GCSE grades were A*/A and 97.5% were 9/8/7 for those topics with the new grading system. At A-Level, an impressive 76.8% of grades were A*/A. Of the 260 boys in each year, around 60-100 go onto Oxford or Cambridge University.

The ethos at Eton is very much predicated on supporting anything your child is interested in. This approach is appreciated enormously both by ex-Etonians and boys still at the school. Whilst more niche talents and interests could go ignored at other schools, Eton actively seeks them and fosters curiosity. There are many society meetings every term and boys are encouraged to start their own societies and invite guest speakers of their choice.

Here are some examples of Eton societies: entrepreneurship, literary, mathematics, history, history of art, architecture, economics, theatre, shooting. The list goes on!

The atmosphere is naturally competitive but the boys are friendly and there is plenty of pastoral support. Eton operates a tutor system. Juniors are provided with a tutor by the school for the first three years. In the penultimate year, students are permitted to select a tutor of their choice till the end of school. Tutors not only discuss any problems boys may be experiencing but also take them on excursions and host dinners.

Facilities at Eton are second to none. This is perhaps best exemplified by their Dorney Rowing Lake, which was used for the 2012 Olympic Games. Additionally, Eton is host to the Farrer Theatre, Caccia Studios and empty space for your son to exercises his dramatic talents.


For admissions at 13+ into Eton, boys need to be registered while they are in Year 5. The school requests a report from your child’s current headteacher. Your child will then sit an online pre-test set by ISEB. The ISEB pre-test is used by a number of other senior schools. There is also an interview with an Eton housemaster. Your son then sits the Eton test, followed by Common Entrance in Year 8. There is a separate exam for anyone going for the scholarship.