August 29, 2019

Private Maths Home Tutoring In London

Selecting The Best Maths Tutors In London


Michael Le is our Head of Mathematics and Science Tuition.  Since graduating with his Msci in Mathematics from the University of Birmingham, Michael has taught both in classrooms and privately. He is passionate about his subjects and enjoys instilling this enthusiasm onto his tutors and students. His history of academic achievements in a wide range of subjects means that he understands different learning styles which enables him to recognise which tutor at Union Tuition London would be most suited to each individual student.

Over the years, Michael has amassed thousands of hours of tuition for a wide range of ages and levels. He has gained invaluable knowledge and insight into the preparation needed at various levels, whether that be for common entrance papers or for maths competitions. He has a great track record and his students have attained places at some of the top educational institutions. Coupled with a focus on improving grades, Michael believes that confidence and a love of a subject are also vital to long term success. The maths and science tutors in his team have been interviewed and chosen because they share this teaching philosophy. Each tutor in Michael’s team is committed to ensuring that the standard of teaching remains high so that we can carry on helping our students achieve their goals.

Initial Maths Assessment

Before any maths tuition starts, we will assess each student to ascertain exactly what areas they need to work on. This is also where we observe how they like to work, as well their interests inside and outside of school. We will then provide detailed written feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses. We will also provide observations on what level they are currently at and what needs to done to improve.

Finding the right Maths Tutor

Once we have all this information, we will then choose a tutor from our team that would be most suitable for the position. Since we have a detailed breakdown of the topics that need work, our tutor can hit the ground running and our students can quickly see improvements in the confidence as well as their grades. Lessons can range from help with school work, exam practice, revising old topics or learning something completely new.

Lesson Feedback

At Union Tuition London, we believe that feedback is an important part of achieving results. Our tutors will give you written feedback for each lesson so that you know what the student is learning and how they are doing from topic to topic. This record will be useful in the short term for your own peace of mind, but also in the long run as we can keep track of topics that we have covered and topics that need revisiting.

Ongoing lesson support

At this stage, Michael will still be providing assistance to both clients and tutor to ensure that the lessons are going smoothly. Michael will continue to communicate with tutors and getting feedback, as well as providing any resources and advice where needed. For our clients, we are available around the clock to answer any questions they have about the students, the lessons or the tutors.

Student Testimonial

Michael tutored our daughter for 11+ maths preparation for over a year. I found him to be an excellent tutor. He has a way of engaging with the children and making the material fun and interesting. He cares about the children’s interest in learning and ensures that their intellectual curiosity is fed (and not everything becomes about repetitive exercises). He is patient, kind, professional, was always on time and communicative. My daughter progressed enormously in maths and always looked forward to her lessons with Michael. We had tutors before Michael who my daughter found boring. Michael made maths exciting and interesting for our daughter.