August 29, 2019

Private English Home Tutoring In London


When Harry began tutoring English, he was primarily motivated by a passion for the subject and an interest in teaching. However, as he taught student after student, he began to notice patterns in what they found challenging and how this could be resolved. Over his time as an educator, Harry has devised many formulas and techniques for success in creative writing, critical writing, comprehension, spelling, punctuation and sentence completion. His methods have consistently produced high results and inspired a love of learning. He not only seeks to solve the problem but broaden his student’s understanding of the subject to such a degree, that they are able to solve the problems themselves. Harry has carried out work that is incredibly varied with regard to the nature of the position, as well as to the time period. Sometimes he works with families in the role of a mentor, often taking the lessons outside of the classroom for cultural expeditions. However, he is highly experienced in identifying a concern and taking care of it efficiently. He has worked with some families for years. On the other hand, he has eaten breakfast and lunch with GCSE students every day for a week to prepare them intensively for upcoming exams! He loves challenges and looks to assist with any kind of English tutoring. Please see below to read a client testimonial for a teaching position he recently finished with a family in Austria.

Student Feedback

After a very productive visit, I can say that we were extremely impressed with Harry. He has a very relaxed and friendly manner, which meant that our boys all took to him immediately. When it came to lesson time he was focused, goal-oriented, efficient and on top of it all, very engaging. That is quite a combination. He is also clearly very experienced in this sort of tuition and showed Stani many tricks to help him along in the ISEB test. Quite unexpectedly we have seen that these lessons have shown Stani skills that reach beyond the ISEB test, applicable also to his approach to sitting tests in his Austrian school.  Harry has played quite a central role in showing our children the inspiring role a great teacher can have, and opened their eyes to a different way of learning. László read his first book in English with Harry and enjoyed every minute. Even our third son Louis, still in kindergarten, managed to get himself a few hours with Harry- which he loved, even though I have known him not to be able to sit still for longer periods of time! Again, quite an accomplishment.

I think we also appreciated that Harry seemed to be quite honest with us, though always very polite-which is actually very helpful when navigating boarding school decisions, especially from another country. 
Our initial goal was simply to help Stani get a foot in with this test for boarding school- but what we have ended up with is so much more.
It really was a great success, and we look forward to working with Harry over the next months.

Finding The Best English Tutors in London

This philosophy that Harry has learned and applied is instilled in every member of his team. When interviewing a new tutor, it is for these precise qualities that Harry looks for. All in the English department not only have exceptional academic qualifications but also share a passion for opening a student’s eyes to the joy and importance of learning. It is through this combination that he looks to provide an unparalleled education service in his field. Harry’s team are friendly, supportive, driven, consistent and highly results-orientated.

Initial English Assessment

One of the elements that distinguish Union Tuition London’s private home tuition, is our initial response following a client enquiry. Finding great tutors only goes so far. Making the match between tutor and student is what really counts. With this in mind, we carry out a thorough assessment of a student before turning to our team of tutors. This is composed of an academic assessment, as well as a series of questions that can be answered over the phone with our client relations manager, Grace Bussey. This approach means that by the time a member of Harry’s team arrives on your doorstep, they are fully briefed regarding personality, goals and target areas. In short, they know exactly what they’re there to do and how to go about accomplishing it.

Student Learning Support

After one of Harry’s team takes up a position with a new client, Union Tuition London continues the communication. We’re available round the clock, seven days a week to talk, listen and handle your enquiries. In the event of a tutor not being right for you, we’ll immediately take your comments into consideration and use this information to make an alternative match. In addition, your tutor will provide written feedback on every lesson they teach.