April 21, 2020

Importance of Tutoring


In my final year at school, in which I undertook a Bac (L) composed of a strict timetable encompassing mainly English, French and Philosophy – I was faced with a lot of information that I sometimes would find difficult to admit I did not understand. However, in doing nothing I quickly realised the sole person it would penalise would be myself. I was in a difficult frame of mind in which I believed there was no way out. However, within the first week of this important year; I met my philosophy teacher. I was very apprehensive about ‘Philosophy’ and its challenges. Yet, my teacher did not let any of us be discouraged by what we had previously heard. And as he taught us, in a way similar how Alfred Mercier would describe education to be, “what we learn with pleasure we never forget”. By experiencing first hand – the frustration one feels when challenged from a subject, my philosophy teacher’s approach is one I wish to share with my students.


The importance of tutoring allows for the pupil to feel comfortable in voicing their difficulties and worries. A trust will be built, and quickly they will realise that admitting they do not understand certain aspects of the specific subject – will ultimately be rewarding in their final grades. By communicating, the pupil and myself shall establish a way of retaining and understanding the knowledge of the subject – in a way that suits them. Whether that be visual or verbal; together we will apply the subject accordingly – introducing a more versatile view of learning and education.

In addition to this, I normally use television, films, or simply life experiences to draw similarities between the subject taught and the pupil. In doing so, the previously difficult subject becomes more appealing to the student – thus, allowing them to realise all subjects are able to be understood, and ultimately mastered. This technique was taught to me by my philosophy teacher, and was most effective.


My ability to aid your child in achieving a better understanding, and better exam grades – shall be done wherever is most convenient and comfortable for your child. The flexibility of tutors shall reinforce a multifaceted and dynamic aspect to your child’s learning.

I hope that I will build a great relationship between myself and my student(s), meaning that a new, fostering educational atmosphere is developed, where trust is built, and better grades achieved.