July 3, 2020

How your temperament influences your learning?


One of the key things I wish I knew whilst I was studying, was the whole psychology behind temperaments and personality. Had I known this, I could have understood my strengths at an earlier stage. Understanding your strengths is key and this art has been around for quite some time. In this article, I will discuss temperaments and it is also worth mentioning that you can do free online tests to detect your temperament or your personality.

People have always wanted to understand their strengths and weaknesses and this can be done by understanding your temperament. In terms of studying, what environment do we need to produce quality work? So what is your temperament and what is the best way to use your unique features to shine and achieve great learning heights?

Which One Are You?

Essentially there are 4 types of temperaments and they are as follows:

  • Sanguine (enthusiastic, active, and social)
  • Choleric (short-tempered, fast, and irritable)
  • Melancholic (analytical, wise, and quiet)
  • Phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful)

It is possible that you may be a mix of 2 of them but there are a number of multiple choice tests you can do online to detect your type, but it is key to honestly analyse your behaviour. More detail provided below.


Students that are choleric are said to have a short temper. They can get angry quickly and calm down quickly. They also enjoy exciting fast paced activities and they experience striking emotions and can put themselves on the edge. The student of this type enjoys seminars and big group discussions. It is said that they lead study groups and can deliver great presentations however, they do not enjoy concentrating on a long research article for a lengthy time nor do they sit in the library for hours. If you are a Choleric type then it is key to learn how to organise your work properly. Sticking to timetables is important as is hearing ideas from other people as you tone down your excitement.


Laid back, relaxed and peaceful. This temperament belongs to those who may not be over confident, however they believe everything will be fine in the end. Are you the type to skip a one or two lessons or homework during the week? Is it difficult for you to put a lot of effort in taking notes or get excited about a subject? If so, you may be of this temperament. You do not worry too much about grades, because life is more than just school. Yes, you may be correct, however, remember why you decided to study that subject in the first place. If you push yourself to discover something that truly excites you that makes you forget about all the dullness, you will enjoy your learning experiences much better and will get a great advantage out of it.


Opposite of the choleric people, they feel the world around them severely. They are extremely sensitive and sometimes even shy. Feeling guilt and anxiety is often a normal part of their day. However, do not be upset if you belong to this type and you feel judged from this description. Because of the wise and quiet observational skills, melancholic students are able to identify and solve problems more easily than their peers. The best artists, writers and actors are of the melancholic type of temperament, because they understand deeply the emotional background of each situations and the hints that other people might not catch. In general, studying is fine for them but the social side of things could make them anxious and this may make it hard to share ideas, but do not worry your ideas are still valuable, if shared correctly but try not to dream too much during your lessons. Be assertive and you will enjoy studying.


Optimistic, active, social? Sanguine people don’t shy away from group projects, and their leadership skills pay off big time. They have multiple extracurricular groups where they are very active, and helping a friend with tutoring is always there in your busy schedule. While you are getting the high marks you worked for, do not forget to relax every once in a while and enjoy a nice break otherwise you could burn out from the many activities that you participate in. Remember that taking care of your mental health and building a stress-free life that suits your pace are important in the long run too.