July 17, 2020

Education, Experience and Success


Educational success is largely monitored by grades at the end of an exam or another type of assessment. However how accurate are these at measuring one’s capability to succeed in life? Yes, the grade proves that at that moment you had the necessary skills to go to the next stage, but it doesn’t show the individuals determination, challenges and discipline needed to achieve top scores.

It has been a year since I graduated with masters in chemistry and life outside the ‘educational bubble’ can be quite daunting and takes some adaptation to progress. Everyone’s journey through the educational system is different, nevertheless I will share with you my experience including observations throughout my education from peers and teachers.

I Decided to go for a year abroad during my third year and was lucky enough to study at the University of Adelaide, in South Australia. This was very challenging because it involved adapting to a new university on the other side of the world. Sometimes putting yourself in the deep-end can teach you a lot. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone but your education does develop your character, as meeting a variety of people and learning how to manage by yourself is one of the biggest lessons in life.

Achieving a degree and good grades can open up a lot of doors. For some careers, it is absolutely necessary whereas for others it may not be needed.  This is why it is imperative that you really think what you want to do. What motivates you? Most importantly what do you enjoy?

Going through a degree out of interest is great but going through years of education to realise that the careers which the degree leads to aren’t what they wanted can be upsetting at the end. Really engage with your subjects whilst in high school, so you have an idea of what drives you. Nevertheless, remember it’s never too late to achieve the dreams you have and to start something new, you are definitely not stuck in one subject. I have known chemistry students who went onto do finance and software development. It is never too late!

Exams and preparation teach a student to focus, manage time and constantly figure out which revision technique works for them. This may include some trial and error, but don’t be frustrated as everybody I know has had to figure out what works best for them! I personally have been through a few phases and found different subjects require something different. Some such as Mathematics require a lot of practice questions and others such as History may be better using flashcards. I remember hanging up these flashcards on my wall and following the story in order to remember the historic events and till this day I know a lot about Russian history even though I studied it at GCSE.

Your education will not be easy, if it was everyone would do it. You will face rejection, especially after graduation. Remember your success is not defined by the job you receive. Nothing is more important than your health, physically and mentally. Peer, tutors and teachers are there as a guidance and being a tutor I strive to give students not just the knowledge they need but inspire them to be confident in themselves and achieve the best grades in exams and equip them with the focus and drive they will need to succeed and be happy in life.