September 29, 2020

Creativity in Education


Prior to teaching I was studying and working within the field of Art and Design. It has been a subject which I have developed through my years of practice. I think it all ties with me being a kinetic learner. I would always prefer activities that involved the processes of drawing, design development, innovation and creativity.

It’s been four years since I graduated in Fashion Textiles. And for me now to be in the Education sector, working as a Primary Teacher people look at it as a drastic change. I feel that my previous practice in Art and Design really ties in with my teaching. It has paved my style of teaching to be more creative. I always look for creative approaches to teach the curriculum and these creative ideas are implemented in my classroom culture and teaching. Creativity engages children, children stay focused and enjoy the process of learning.

Art is a topic which allows us to make connections between unrelated phenomena and it allows us to develop imaginative ideas to result into a final outcome. Creativity is an  approach which should be considered from early learning and implemented in everyday teaching. The skills are transferable and can be constantly developed through playing with ideas.

I recently watched a Ted Talk on the topic ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ By Sir Ken Robinson. He talks about the fundamentals of creativity and states ‘ Being creative does usually involve playing with ideas and having fun; enjoyment and imagination.’ (Robinson,2011) These focuses he describes are practiced in the Early Years of child development. From my point of view looking at these fundamentals of creativity and looking back at my experience working as an Primary School Teacher, I can understand why Sir Ken Robinson focuses on these. It is important that children are exploring ideas and thinking critically by taking ownership of their learning.

Creativity on its own enables children to make connections, they are able to use those transferable skills such as critical thinking and innovation to link one area of learning and another, by this children are extending their understanding on the topic. When it comes to learning core subjects such as English and Mathematics I feel children get overwhelmed when too much information is thrown at them. I have witnessed it several times when teaching. By embedding a creative approach in these subjects it is easier for children to follow the learning.

As an adult I personally struggle with blocks of information, for me I learn better with fun,loud, colourful diagrams or mind maps. They get my brain sucked into the content and makes it a lot easier to keep up with information. These kinds of ideas if implemented more in core subjects I think can bring better results in children’s focus in lessons, performance and engagement overall. I think creative learning, creativity in education is important for the way forward!