11+ Private Tuition & Home Preparation – The Right Approach

Not all schools have a pre-test but many do and lots more are adopting this system. The 11 Plus pre-test is divided into four sections of multiple choice: English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. This article will discuss some of the techniques and strategies you should employ for success in the English and Maths segments of these tests! We will follow up with Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning strategies. Before we get onto the particulars of each paper, there is one rule that is consistent for all elements of the test. It’s called a process of elimination. As the test is multiple choice, it’s important to disregard all the options that you definitively know to be false. That way, you are far better equipped to focus on the choices that may well be correct. It just makes life so much easier!

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