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Our Approach To Home Tutoring

Assessment is key in the early stages of working with us. We carefully consider the student’s level and tutor suitability before making a match. Union Tuition London students are advised to sit a paper catered to their age before tuition begins. This tells us exactly where they need to improve and precisely how we can help. This process is strongly recommended. However, if you would prefer to get started straight away, we can assign you one of our tutors immediately.

Our approach consists of a rigorous analysis to locate difficulties at an early stage. At Union Tuition London, the focus is on specialised tuition. Harry’s team tackles English, verbal reasoning, humanities, essay structure and presentation. Michael’s team handles maths, non-verbal reasoning and Maths Challenge (Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior). Charlie’s team can help you with any creative outlet you wish to improve.

Become a tutor​

What does it take to become a tutor?

If you would like to become a tutor, the first step is our tutor profile form.

Please include a photograph and fill the form in with as much detail as possible. Testimonials are extremely important and, if available, should be referenced. Additionally, you should include an explanation as to why you would like to work with us.

Unless you have an exceptional academic record and significant experience, we only accept graduate applications. All graduate applicants must have received at least a 2:i in their chosen degree.

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